The Long View: Photographs by Evans+Hulf

28th April to 3rd June 2018


Evans+Hulf work with an 1888 ultra-large format camera, which takes 15”x12” negatives. The combination of nineteenth century equipment and chemistry with advanced digital technology results in pictures unlike any others.

The giant camera ‘sees’ the world in a different way: it captures an enormous amount of detail, but objects and people slide in and out of focus; exposures are long; snapshots and action photography are impossible; hallucinatory clarity and detail melt into hazy softness.

The equipment is heavy and cumbersome: every step has to be planned and considered, leading to an awareness of what can, and cannot, be photographed. How can you convey the feel of the wind, the sound of birds, the smell of rotting leaves?

A sense of time and movement is present in all the images, and of the interaction of people with the environment.

All the pictures to be exhibited were taken in 2016-2017. In the larger, front gallery, we will be showing pictures from Evans+Hulf’s series The Woods, tracing the course of a year in Bixley Lane, East Sussex, its surrounding woodland and nature reserve. In the rear gallery, we will be showing images from The Garden, punctuated by four stunning outdoor portraits.


On Monday 30th April at 6pm, Tom Evans and Terry Hulf will be at the gallery to talk about their work. And the exciting thing is, they'll be bringing the 1888 Chapman camera with them. Everyone welcome, from 5.30pm for a 6pm start.