Marek Emczek Olszewski

Born in the picturesque medieval mountain town of Bielsko-Biala, Poland, Marek started taking photographs when he was in his teens.

His early work bears a striking resemblance to his present, acclaimed work via the use of vivid colours, striking silhouette/reflection and impressionist photography, showing that anything can be transformed by light. He burst on to the London scene in 2011 with a solo exhibition in Camden which was reported in Out in the City, there then followed a chain reaction of interest with other titles in Europe and the USA.

He has consolidated his success with prizes awarded in competitions and his work has been auctioned alongside Tracey Emin and Ken Howard at The Royal College of Art.

He is humble artist who uses the lens in different ways and presents his work in its most natural and original forms. Marek has been living in London and Smarden and is captivated by the beauty and magic of the scenes he discovers here.

In our new exhibition, Existing Light, he will present a series of photographs shot in and around Smarden, which are mesmerising and reminiscent of impressionist paintings.